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                                                  HOW TO KEEP YOUR PERMANENT MAKEUP BEAUTIFUL AND  LONG-LASTING


Proper aftercare is very important in order to have most even, long-lasting and beautiful permanent makeup. It is also important to note that certain colour intensity and/or uneven look after the procedure is normal (especially after first procedure). In order to achieve even and long-lasting permanent makeup, correction procedure within 2 months of the first procedure is necessary. 

  • You can apply ice (through a clean foil) on the place of the procedure to lessen the swelling

  • It is recommended to sleep on a higher pillow the night after the procedure to lessen the swelling in the next morning (applies to eyes and lips)

  • The place of procedure should not have contact with water for 24 h after procedure

  • You should not take sauna, swim in the pool nor do sweaty exercise for the first 2 weeks after the procedure

  • Face can be washed after 24 hours with clean water by padding, not rubbing

  • Makeup should not be applied to the place of procedure for 4-5 days. Mascara can be used 24 hours after the procedure, but you need to get a new mascara to avoid infection. Water-proof mascara should not be used as it's not permanent makeup friendly.

  • In case you wear contact lenses, you need to take your glasses with you when coming for the eyeliner procedure as you can't wear contact lenses right after the procedure

  • Hands need to be always washed before touching the place of procedure to avoid infection.  Place of procedure should be touched as minimally as possible to have even result.

  • You need to apply the aftercare cream on your permanent makeup for 7 days 1-3 times per day

  • You can not wash face with gels that contain acids - it helps to lighten the colour significantly faster from the usual

  • You should not use acid peels, scrubs nor face creams containing acids in the place of the procedure if you have permanent makeup

  • It is normal to have swelling, dryness, itching and sensitivity in the place of procedure. THE PLACE OF PROCEDURE CAN NOT BE SCRATCHED, PICKED OR RUBBED AND EXFOLIATING PIECES OF SKIN CAN NOT BE PICKED BY HANDS - by this uneven result will follow and there is a risk of scars and infection in case any picking is done

  • You should not take sun 3 weeks after the procedure. After 3 weeks you need to apply suncream SPF30+ always to the eyebrows and lips when exposed to the sun. Sun lightens and also changes the pigment colour significantly.

  • Eyebrows should not be plucked for a week after the eyebrow procedure as pigment can come out of the skin and uneven result can follow



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