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This is a fundamental course for beginners who want to start their career in permanent makeup and become a professional permanent makeup artist. This in-depth beginners course consists of both theoretical and practice parts. It is an intensive course that covers all the topics you need to start working in the permanent makeup field. We will walk through every part of theory you need to thoroughly understand and do lots of practice on latex pads to make sure you have learned the techniques properly. After the theory and initial practice you have the chance to practice on your own before we move on to practice on live models. You will receive Jana Sooäär-Conway Academy certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Basic courses are taught either in Estonian or English language. There is a choice of attending individual course or small group course. All the educational and practice materials as well as lunches are provided on the course. Attendants will need to purchase permanent makeup machine prior to attending the course. Advice on selection of best fitted machine can be given.


Main course topics include:

  • Basics of dermopigmentation, skin histology

  • Hygien and safety requirements and infection prevention methods

  • Contraindications to PMU

  • Ideal positioning and best pre-drawing techniques, optical illusion to light & shadow basics

  • Client consultation, photography, aftercare and healing phases

  • Conditions for perfect PMU result, classification of needles

  • 5 crucial parameters for mastering dermopigmentation

  • Rules of perfect line

  • Secrets of the newest permanent makeup techniques for eyebrows,        eyes and lips to achieve beautiful natural results; working with several      colors, exact stages of each procedure

  • Color theory, pigments selection and mixing

  • Determining skin type and undertone

  • Different types of skin and the indications for getting a good result

  • Time schedule of procedures from 1st procedure to correction and         yearly touch-ups; what determines the duration of PMU

  • Correction of unsuccessful and unprofessional previous PMU

  • Main mistakes to be avoided in PMU

  • Setting-up of your business, positioning yourself in the market,               pricing and successful marketing practices


For information and registration please see here

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