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Lips are important for every woman who cares about her looks.  People look at our mouths when we speak and where the contour of the lips is faded and the colour is pale, lips look smaller and we appear older.  Lips with a clearly defined contour and beautiful colour make your face sparkle and you look more beautiful. 


Permanent makeup allows us to modify and correct the contour, proportions, form and colour of the lips.  It can fix almost any kind of shape or symmetry problem. You also get back the fresh and youthful colour of the lips and the defined contour that you might have lost over the years. It's also possible to add visual volume and definition by permanent makeup if your lips are small.


The most advisable option for permanent makeup of lips is having full lips done as with that your lips are always perfect and you can forget about lipstick and lipliner.  One of the full lips permanent makeup options is Aquarel lips technique which is soft shading of lips and gives ultranatural look without sharp borders.  I do not offer only lip contour procedure as this is not a natural or good looking option - your mouth will have an unnatural "ring" around it.


Before coming for lip treatment it is necessary to take anti-herpes pills for a week (available with prescription from your doctor). When coming for the procedure, please bring your favourite lipstick or gloss with you. I always advise having lips done with a colour that harmonises with your skin tone and that you are happy to wake up with every morning.

Lips permanent makeup Tallinn


lips permanent makeup Tallinn


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