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After having permanent makeup contours or eyeliner done, smudged eyeliners are the thing of the past. Achieving perfect eyeliner with regular makeup is not easy for most of us, but with permanent makeup you never need to worry about it again as you get a perfect contour for years. Permanent makeup is a perfect solution if you wish to have beautiful, striking eyes 24/7.  


There are different possibilities for permanent makeup for eyes:


“Secret Eyeliner” is a contour applied in between the eyelashes so the result is ultranatural and nobody can figure out why your eyes look so opened and defined with thick eyelashes.


Classical eyeliner gives different choices on length, thickness, shape and colour of the eyeliner.  It is important to remember that while ageing our skin changes and so does the permanent makeup which is applied into the skin. Therefore it is not advisable to have dramatic, thick eyeliners with long tails applied by permanent makeup.  After some years the line might not look so straight and even as wrinkles start affecting the look of the eyeliner.  Also, you want to feel comfortable with your permanent makeup at any time and situation so the classical and more natural options of permanent makeup are always advisable. 


Shaded contour is an eyeliner with wings and soft shaded top. It is a lovely choice for everyday wear and gives a beautiful makeup look to the eyes. It is possible to add some shine and glow to the soft-shaded contour with some colour like blue or gray.


JS PMU_May2021_eyeliner.JPG



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