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Eyebrows define a person's facial features, expressions and uniqueness most. They frame your face and visually influence the shape of your face and your eyes as well as add expression. By changing the shape, form and colour of eyebrows it's possible to significantly change your facial expression and how you look. The look of your face becomes prettier just by correcting the asymmetry of the eyebrows. When the length, width and shape of eyebrows is corrected, it can make an immense difference to your overall look and give lots of expression and warmth to your face.


After permanent makeup treatment you can forget eyebrow pencils, shadows and gels. If your eyebrow hair is not evenly thick, if your eyebrows are too narrow or you don't have them at all, it can all be fixed by permanent makeup. The goal of permanent makeup treatment should be to create natural looking eyebrows - as if you were born with beautifully shaped, thick and defined eyebrows. Getting permenent makeup eyebrow treatment is one of the fastest and easiest ways to significantly change your look for the better.

There are two methods used for eyebrow permanent makeup:


Shading, also called Powder Brows

When the shading technique is used for applying permanent makeup to the eyebrows, there are no sharp contours on the eyebrows. The result is similar to the effect you get with softly shaded eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Professionally done, shading gives a very natural result while defining and shaping the eyebrows. 



The hairstroke techniqe is the latest and most popular one as it imitates the natural hair of the eyebrows. Each hair is drawn with the utmost precision and by this very natural and thick eyebrows can be created. 


Hairstroke and shading techniques can also be combined when desired to have the base of the eyebrows shaded, but also to have the appearance of thicker hair.


It is important to know that immediately after the procedure the colour of the eyebrows is much darker than when the eyebrows heal. After healing the colour becomes about 30% lighter than the colour you can see immediately after the procedure. It takes approximately a week to see the lighter colour and the total healing period is about 40 days during which the skin cells renew and the final colour stabilises. In order to achieve beautiful, evenly pigmented and long-lasting permanent makeup it is necessary to have a touch up procedure approximately 5-8 weeks after the first procedure.  

You can find the gallery of eyebrows here.


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